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Fantasy Albarino 2018

You probably know how much we love experiments, and in the case when they turn out to be successful, we are doubly happy about this. One of the first experiments was the planting of the Albarino variety in our area, which until now was not known on Ukrainian soil. The growth area of this variety is the Atlantic coast of Spain and Portugal, as it loves salt water and sea breeze, but in this region this variety is better known as Albarino. After a little reflection, we decided that Cape Beykush on the Black Sea coast, where our vineyards are located, would be a great place to plant this variety. The experiment was successful and we are pleased to present you the third release of the “Ukrainian” Albarino as early as the third.
Beikush White Wine from harvest of 2018 is 100% Albarino from Cape Beykush. Hand-picked grapes are gently pressed. After that, the resulting wort is carefully venerated according to the principle "less oxygen, more steel and cold." After 9 months on the sediment, which gives blame and further protection against oxidation, Albarino grapes finally “fell into the bottle” and very soon, we hope, will come to your table.It is worth noting that the wine of 2018 turned out with a slight hint of jasmine or orange flowers in aromatics, more characteristic of this variety. Wine, in general, resembles the best samples of dry muscat, which has been so fashionable for the last two years, but at the same time has not lost its Atlantic freshness, “greenness” and “minerality”.