1. General Provisions1.1. This agreement is a public offer agreement (in accordance with Articles 633, 641 and Chapter 63 of the Civil Code of Ukraine), its terms are the same for all buyers regardless of status.1.2. In case of acceptance of the terms of this agreement, i.e. public offer, the user becomes a customer.
2. Terms and definitions2.1. Website - a set of pages accessed via a web browser and software modules integrated by a single management system located on the Internet at https://shop.beykush.com and containing all the signs of this public offer.2.2. Contractor - Internet project https://shop.beykush.com2.3. Goods - a list of consumer goods published on the Site, namely dry table wines.2.4. Buyer - an individual who has reached the age of eighteen years, giving an order to purchase the Goods presented on the Site for purposes not related to entrepreneurial activity; or legal entity / individual entrepreneur.2.5. Order - a Customer’s application executed and posted on the Website addressed to the Contractor for the purchase and delivery of the Goods reserved by him on his behalf and on his behalf.

3.1. This agreement defines the interaction procedure and conditions for the provision of services by the Contractor to the Customer.3.2. The Internet project provides the Customer with the services of placing an Order and delivering the goods reserved by the latter on behalf of, on behalf of and at the expense of the Customer.3.3. The Internet project does not sell dry table wine, but provides services for their purchase on behalf of and at the expense of the Customer, delivery to the address indicated by the Customer, as well as packaging and reservation of Orders based on the Customer’s applications left on the Site for their further purchase by the Customer.3.4. The Customer accepts the terms of this agreement at the time of placing the Order by clicking on the "Place an order" button, which expresses the Customer’s confirmation of reading the text of this agreement and acceptance of its terms. In the future, objections from the Customer regarding the provision of his consent in this way relieves the Contractor of any responsibility for failure to fulfill the terms of this agreement and leaves the right to the Contractor to cancel the order unilaterally and / or replace the ordered but missing product with a similar one, the Customer, in turn, has the right refuse to accept such a product.
4. Ordering procedure4.1. The customer places the Order on the Site independently, by adding the selected table dry wines to the virtual basket and clicking the "Place an order" button.4.2. As a result of placing the Order, the Contractor receives the data of the Customer and the number of the Order to fulfill the order for the purchase and delivery of reserved goods in accordance with the generated Order on the Website of the Goods.4.3. Place an order for table dry wines can all buyers who are over 18 years old, regardless of registration.4.4. Orders are processed every day from 9:00 to 18:00, except for weekends and holidays.
5. Payment Procedure5.1. The Customer acquires table dry wines specified in the Order placed on the Website, and also pays for the Contractor's services in their search, packaging and reservation.5.2. The Customer pays for the Contractor’s services for the purchase and delivery of Alcohol products specified in the Order placed on the Website, and also undertakes to compensate the Contractor’s actual costs for fulfilling the Customer’s order, in accordance with the terms of this agreement.5.3. The customer can make the payment in cash, on the day the order is executed, at the address indicated by him during registration. Payment is made in the national currency of Ukraine - hryvnias.5.4. Payment is made after the Customer has reviewed and checked the range of goods ordered and delivered at the place of delivery indicated by him.
6. The order of delivery, payment and processing of orders
6.1. Delivery Terms:6.1.1. The collection of the order occurs immediately after receipt of payment. We try to send your order as quickly as possible, but in some cases it takes up to 1-2 business days to collect the order.Therefore, if you are limited in time, please inform the manager about this, we will do our best for prompt dispatch.6.1.2. Sending orders is carried out by the company "New Mail".We value our reputation and qualitatively pack the goods, but we ask you to check the integrity of the parcel on New Mail due to the fragility of the goods.6.1.3. Payment for delivery is charged according to the terms of the carrier company and fully borne by the client.

6.2. Terms of payment:6.2.1. The minimum order amount is 300 UAH.6.2.2. All orders are sent only on full prepayment.6.2.3. You can pay by credit card using:- liqpay, any MasterCard or Visa card on our website during checkout;- privat24, on our website during checkout.6.2.4. Attention. We can not identify the payment in such cases:- if it is done through the terminal without indicating any information about the payer;- if it is made from a third party card without indicating the name of the customer;- if the comment does not indicate the order number.
6.3. When transferring the Order, the Contractor has the right to ask the Customer to present an identity card confirming that the latter meets the age limits established for the Customers by this agreement.
7. Other conditions
7.1. This agreement is concluded on the territory of Ukraine and is subject to the substantive law of Ukraine.
7.2. By this agreement, the buyer agrees to the processing of his personal data.
7.3. The invalidity of any clause or part of this contract does not lead to the invalidity of the contract as a whole.
7.4. All disputes arising between the Customer and the Contractor are resolved through negotiations. In case of failure to reach a settlement of the controversial issue, the parties may apply for settlement of the dispute to the judicial authorities in accordance with applicable law.
7.5. The Contractor has the right to amend the text of this agreement at its sole discretion at any time and without prior notice to the Customers. The current (current) version of the contract is always posted on the Site.