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Black Sea Wines

Once you are seriously interested in wine, sooner or later the desire to make it yourself comes to mind. It was this passion that led to the creation of the Beykush winery.
Passion alone is not enough to make a great wine. So we turned to science - we studied the soil, climate, precipitation, temperature, wind direction. With collected knowledge we chose suitable grape varieties, planned the planting, built and arranged the vineyard. We had been experimenting for a long time and in a few years entered the market with our wines. 

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We introduce the advanced world technologies of wine making into our realities and try to do it naturally, without disturbing the balance in the ecosystem surrounding us.

Birds, which are often found in abundance near the water surface, became the symbol of our winery. You can see gulls, cormorants, herons, hobbies, raksha, cranes and owls on the labels of our wines. The toponym Beykush has Turkish origin, in the original language it means “owl” or “king of birds”. 

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Land, Wind, Sea

Geologically, the land where our vineyards located is a part of the flat watershed plateau between Bugsky and Berezansky estuaries of the Southern Steppe, with formed dark chestnut loamy soils.
Our vineyards are literally located in a few hundred meters from the sea and are surrounded from three sides by water, they are constantly touched by breeze.

Neighborhood with estuaries and the sea serves as a large natural air conditioner, softening the climate during dry years. Wind, blowing on the vineyard, significantly reduces the risk of developing fungal diseases of the vines.

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The sun warms our vineyards on average 225 days a year. Despite of this the proximity of water and constant wind don’t allow the air or the soil to warm up to excessively high elevations (which is very good for the functioning of the vine without excessive thermostress). 
The precipitation level is 400 mm, which is lower than the minimum for the vine, but it gets the rest of the necessary moisture from the abundant morning dew provided by its proximity to two estuaries.Large differences between day and night temperatures favor a more active synthesis of aroma precursors and their preservation before the vintage, as well as the optimal level of acidity in the berries. As a result, we get wines with good long-term exposure potential.

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Our vineyards grow in the unique place, on Cape Beykush, whose shores are washed on one side by Berezansky Liman, on the other by Bekush Bay.
Beykush vineyards consist of 11 hectares of French and Italian clones of white varieties of grapes - Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Rkatsiteli and red varieties of grapes - Pinot Noir, Merlot, Saperavi, Cabernet Sauvignon.
In addition, there is an experimental vineyard with white varieties, such as Telti-Kuruk, Alvarigno, Timorasso, and red varieties, such as Tempranillo, Malbec, Pinotage.

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This is a team of like-minded people, for whom winemaking is not only a business, but also an opportunity to acquaint people through the taste of our wines with our country and its nature.

Yevgeny Shneyderis


I set a goal to make Ukrainian wine of the highest quality level. I found like-minded people and now together we are moving towards our goal.

Биссо Атанасов

Svetlana Tsybak

Sales Director

My wine history began 13 years ago from work in a big wine trading company. Winery Beykush became a new source of inspiration for me.

Bisso Atanasov


He has been part of wine world for over 20 years. He started importing wines, later became a journalist and soon after gained an education in enology. Has successfully accomplished 15 harvests in Italy, France, Portugal, Greece, Chile, South Africa and USA. 

Olga Romashko


Being a student, I first came to Beykush 4 years ago for practice. Since that time I stayed here to live and work.

Ivan Litovchenko


He came to Beykush in 2013 to service the equipment. Over time, he imbued with the ideas of winemaking, moved to the village and now lives among the vineyards.

Nelya Shneyderis


A lawyer with 40 years of experience, accepted the challenge of becoming one of the pioneers of the new Ukrainian winemaking and now she leads our household team. 

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For the first time I tried making wine in 2010. As the result, several hundred bottles of Chardonnay and a blend of Rkatsiteli with Pinot Grigio were produced. As for me, I was surprised by their quality and I realized that we have the potential to create modern wines at the level of leading wine countries.
In 2011, I gathered a team of like-minded people, turned my house in Chernomorka (this place is located on the south of Ukraine, between Odessa and Nikolayev, near Ochakov) into a research laboratory and winery, and in 2012 we planted vines on the Beykush cape. A few years passed, the vineyard grew and began to produce high quality grapes, and now in 2018 we began official sales of our wines in Ukraine.
Winery FounderEugene Shneyderis

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Our wines are often unconventional blends or rare experiments that give excellent results.
We carefully treat the nature around us and by each bottle of our wine, we try to convey the taste of our country, its land, sea, wind and sun.
We are experimenting with the latest achievements of winemaking science and carefully monitor the processes of winemaking at all stages.
Each bottle of our wine is made with unlimited respect for customers.

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Artania wines
The legend says that Artania was an ancient country located on the lands of the Northern Black Sea region.
The wines of this series are made according to the principle of the concept of "house wine", when wines from different varieties or plots belonging to the certain winery are blended in one large cuvee. It does in order to show the style of the winery or features of the area rather than the varietal characteristics of individual varieties in the cuvee composition.

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Beykush Wines
The series of titular wines of our winery, named after the bay, where both the vineyards and the winery itself are located. This series is designed to reflect the most interesting part of our work - experiments. In it you can find both monosort wines from unusual and rare varieties or particularly successful yields from traditional varieties. As well as unexpectedly interesting blends from two, maximum three varieties, where the character of each of them can be clearly seen and “sounds” in a symphony with the others

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Arbina wine is made from white grapes, but using red wine technology. Such wines are called orange for their orange color and rich flavor.
Back in the first millennium BC, the ancient Greeks founded the Borisphenid settlement on the territory of the modern island Berezan, which is located at sea at a distance of 4 km from the Beykush winery.

During the time of its peak development, the town was named Arbina. Ancient Greeks gave this region the tradition of wine making. We gave the name to this wine in order to honor Ancient Greeks.

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Kara Karmen
This is our special wine, which we make using the method of drying grapes: bunches already cut off the vine are hung in a special ventilated room. In a few weeks, grapes lose moisture, while the sugar content (as a result of alcohol), as well as aromatic, coloring and phenolic substances increases proportionally.
This extra rich wine has almost black color and a serious, strong character.Therefore, we gave this wine the name of Kara Kermen - the name of an ancient fortress located not far from our winery, on the site of the modern city of Ochakov.

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