We prepare something special for our friends

We experiment, we try to produce interesting wines, not mass wines, but unique ones with recognizable handwriting. Our wines come out in small batches and sometimes run out quickly.So that our “fans” would have more opportunities to taste our wines, we created the Beikush Wine Club, whose members will receive privileges. We have limited the number of participants to 300, based on the number of bottles of wine from one barrel.

Membership benefits

Early wine access

An opportunity to preorder our new releases before they would become available for public sales. Wines with limited supply will be removed from the public access to supply club sales.

Club discount

Club discount 12% for all our wines

Winery visit

Free attendance of the winery and events twice a year.

Wine reservation

An opportunity to book and store limited releases.

Membership terms and conditions

You are eligible to join our Wine Club if your purchases totals at least $100 per 3 months.