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Artania Rose



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Artania rose is wine from the Pinot Gris variety from the vineyards of Cape Beykush of the 2018. Why Artania? Because it was called the ancient country in the lands of the northern Black Sea coast. This wine is from there. Ukrainian wine made on the principle of the French concept, when in one large cuvée mixed wines of different varieties or areas belonging to one vinery. It emphasizes the style of the vinery itself, the features of the area, rather than a single variety.

Рік врожаю




Сорт винограду

100% Pinot Gris.


Region – Northern Black Sea.
Zone – Ochakov (Ochakov and Pri-estuary macrozone).
Geologically, this is part of the plain water-solitary plateau between the Buzky and Berezan estuaries of the South prairie, with the formed dark chestnut loose soils.


9 months on fine lees in stainless steel tanks.