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Beykush Riesling



White wine, with which you feel elegant.

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Riesling is an aristocrat. Ours also gained experience in oak barrels — now its pineapples, limes and green apples are slightly spicy, with crispy toast in the background. At the same time, sourness and super freshness are present.

This series of wines is named after Beykush Bay, where our vineyards are located. Here the wine is bright and with character — the result of our work with rare varieties and especially successful harvests. Both pleasure will provide, and a chance to estimate, on what the Black Sea coast is capable.


White dry.

Рік врожаю




Сорт винограду

100% Riesling.


Region — Northern Black Sea.
Zone — Ochakov (Ochakov and Pri-estuary macrozone).
Geologically, this is part of the plain water-solitary plateau between the Buzky and Berezan estuaries of the South prairie, with the formed dark chestnut loose soils.


Two Riesling clones are planted in separate plots. Grapes from each plot are harvested by hand and vinified separately in stainless steel containers at low temperatures. After vinification and only on condition that, according to organoleptics, Riesling is as close as possible to its counterparts in the historic homeland, wine is laid on aging in French oak barrels.


12 months in French oak barrels.

Гастрономічне поєднання

Fish, sushi, seafood, dishes in spicy sauces. Cool to 10-12 degrees.