Our experiments on Albarino has not ended, in fact, quite the opposite, they only has just begun!On our lands, successful adaptation has passed not only the white variety of the Atlantic, but also one red variety, which might, at first glance, does apply to our realities. We are talking about the South African variety Pinotage. In its homeland, the climate is different, hotter and arid, and the country’s wine-making zones with few exceptions (where the variety does not grow, by the way), are not on the shores of the oceans. The fact is that in South Africa, Pinotage is ripening first among red varieties (in mid-February in some particularly hot regions and approximately in mid-August in our hemisphere), but climatic conditions in Beykush, especially the sum of active temperatures, does not allow us to grow heat-loving varieties with a long cycle. So we thought why not making the experience with Pinotage? Despite the fact that Pinotage is a cross of two French varieties Pinot Noir and Senso (known in the past as the Hermitage, hence the name of the variety), it was developed in South Africa and it is planting only in local gardens. So, besides the experiment, there was one more quest to bring seedlings from the other end of the Earth! In addition to South Africa, small Pinotage landings can only be seen in New Zealand, but now in Ukraine as well. In the first two crops of red wine Beykush and Pinotage complemented and softened berry Merlot. But in 2018 Pinotage itself turned out to be so successful that we decided not to mix it and release as it is. We are pleased to present you the Beykush Red Wine of the harvest 2018, this is 100% Pinotage from Cape Beykush. Hand-picked grapes are carefully crushed and then fermented in stainless steel vats at low temperatures to better preserve the berry aroma. The wine holds a brief excerpts in the same vats. An important detail of this experimental variety is that we cannot indicate it on the label. But if in some official documents you will see the South African Pinot variety, be aware that we will talk about the native Pinotage variety. And another interesting fact that in South Africa is the statutory Cape Blend which was established by law, this is an assembly based on Pinotage (min 50%) and other red varieties. Our Artania Red Wine of the harvest 2014 is actually the Cape Blend – ½ Pinotage and ½ Merlot and Tempranillo. The wine at the age of 5 years did not lose its freshness, and it also began to show the character of the father variety in every possible way. There are prunes, spicy herbs, dust from the dry land of South African country roads. The last bottles of this wine are available only in the “Library Collection” (for Club members).