We say “freshness” – we mean Albarinho. And this is our Albarino “Fantasy”. We tell you what his trick is.

The growth area of this variety is the Atlantic coast of Spain and Portugal, as it loves salt water and sea breeze, but in this region this variety is better known as Albarino. There, this wine is usually served with octopuses, other seafood and stewed pepper. The taste is apricot, lemon peel, crunchy apple and spicy anise. All in mind and balance.

We did not keep this wine in barrels. Why muffle vanilla and rolls with pristine freshness? In the Black Sea region, Albarinho relaxed like at home – our winds are sometimes not inferior to the Atlantic. So the wine became softer and a little creamy. And the aroma in general fluffed the tail – it smells almost perfume, while at least add freshness.

In general, it is ideal to freshen up in the heat, drink seafood salads and uncork in nature. And in the cold season – to recharge your batteries and energy. Order in our store and drink right now, while Albarinho is fresh and in the youngest juice.