“Artania” is central among the wines of our winery, firstly, given the width and depth of the line and production volumes, and secondly, because of its concept. Artania wines are made on the principle of the French concept: this is when the winery and the area where it is located are assembled wines made from different varieties and / or picked from areas owned by winery. The aim is to show the style of the winery or the features of the area rather than the varietal characteristics of individual varieties in the cuvee.

So, this year will go on sale:

Artania white 2017
Artania red 2017
Artania rose 2018
Artania “Illusion” 2018
library release Artania Reserve lot L2015.

Apparently, 2017, which was the hottest, driest and earliest in Europe in the last 200 years, was going “normally”, with a significantly colder spring than in Western Europe. Therefore, our harvest began later, and the hot summer contributed to a very good ripening of grapes, which is especially noticeable in the style (and degree!) Of red Artania. This year’s blend of white Artania includes: 55% Chardonnay, 13% Sauvignon Blanc, 10% Aligote, 7% Chenin Blanc, and 15% of two white varieties from our experimental vineyard. The main part of the blend (94%) was kept in steel on a thin sediment for 16 months, after which a barrel of Shenen Blanc (12 months of extraction) was added to the blend. But its did not show “strength of character” to be awarded a separate issue, but perfectly complemented the note of ripe pears and honey, the main body of wine Artania.

Red Artania 2017 is a blend of varietal wines that have been aged for 10 months in barrels after 2-4 wines. The blend of this millezim consists of 31% Merlot, 21% Malbec, 21% Pinot Noir, 13% Cabernet Sauvignon, Fran and Saperavi and 14% experimental varieties. The wine spent 6 months in the bottle and found the right “roundness”: the lush tannins fit well into the almost “amaronist” texture and “deceptive sweetness” of the wine.