We like to experiment with technologies and varieties. And the most successful results are collected in the line “Fantasy”. We are talking about a pair of white wines from this series – Albarinho and Timorasso, and the red “Illusion”.

Refresh yourself and best choice for fish: Albarinho

One of the first experiments was the planting of the Albarino variety in our area, which until now was not known on Ukrainian soil. The growth area of this variety is the Atlantic coast of Spain and Portugal, as it loves salt water and sea breeze, but in this region this variety is better known as Albarino. After a little reflection, we decided that Cape Beykush on the Black Sea coast, where our vineyards are located, would be a great place to plant this variety. The experiment was successful and we are pleased to present you the third release of the “Ukrainian” Albarino as early as the third.

Wine “Fantasy Albarinho” – fragrant, full of apricots and herbs, easy to drink, refreshing instantly, with fish and seafood goes perfectly. No wonder in Galicia, where Albarinho comes from, it is served with grilled octopuses and seafood.

Hand-picked grapes are gently pressed. After that, the resulting wort is carefully venerated according to the principle “less oxygen, more steel and cold.” After 9 months on the sediment, which gives blame and further protection against oxidation, Albarino grapes finally “fell into the bottle” and very soon, we hope, will come to your table.

Appreciate a rare variety: Timorasso

When we were thinking about what other varieties to experiment with, our oenologist suggested Timorasso. This white variety comes from Piedmont, and is rare even in his homeland.

Its was saved from extinction by winemakers from the outskirts of Tortona in Piedmont. Now Timorasso is used to make cool gastronomic white wines, as well as dessert, sparkling and orange wines. At the time of planting our vineyard, there were about 50 hectares of Timorasso in the world, all in Italy. And now there is our small plot of Timorasso in Ukraine, on the Black Sea coast.

Our “Fantasy Timorasso” is elegant, yet fresh, with apple, herbs in spicy resin and fleur-de-lis. The wine spent 18 months in American oak barrels – and became more harmonious and deep. Open up to food and just like that, expand your horizons and enjoy.

Have pleasure every day: Illusion

The trend towards lighter wines has intensified in the world, including red wines – Beaujolais Nouveau, Caffrans from the Loire, red wines from Savoy and Jury. We also did not stay aside. Made a light and unusual “Illusion”. We tell you what the “trick” is.

To create the “Illusion”, we combine in the assembly of rose wine and no more than 15% aged in oak barrels red. It turns out essentially rose wine, which creates the full feeling that you are drinking red.

“Illusion” – very old, juicy cherry, with strawberries and spices in addition. Ideal for drinking your favorite pizza, sandwiches, sweet dumplings, and anything else. It is not a sin to even mix cocktails with this wine. Keep the recipe – our oenologist-consultant spied it in Piedmont:

● 2 teaspoons of sugar

● 2 limes – cut in half, and then each half into 4 parts

● bottle “Illusions”

How to do: Pour sugar into a large glass, add chopped lime and lightly press with a spoon or bartender pestle. Here we throw 4-5 ice cubes and pour the cooled “Illusion”. Voila, your super cocktail is ready!