The astronomical summer ends in 35 days. This means that you still have time to enjoy the new summer wines from Beykush winery.


Unpretentious flowers, an air kiss of honey and a fleur d’orange make our Fantasy Albariño wine, your best friend for an easy pastime or companion in heart affairs – girls love this very much.


If you want summer food, such as fish, seafood, white meat, vegetables after all, in this case our Artania White will be an invaluable companion for you. Taste of Ripe Chardonnay Berry, gooseberries and sour taste of Sauvignon, fat content and the white pear from the Chennin Blanc create a strong alliance with your favorite summer dishes to help you enjoy your receptions. Bon appetite!


Drinking Pinot Gris in high places is considered a bad manners if it is white. But what about pink Blush? The same magically fragrant, light, playful and lives like a girl in a pink dress with a bouquet of wildflowers, jumping along the seafront? What is there to think about, it is necessary to take! Because, there is nothing to doubt, it will be sold out, without waiting for the end of summer.


How long are you going to drink white? And if you want grill meat outdoors, while the weather allows, what to drink? If don’t want tannin of heavy wines, but taste of new wines do not excite, what to do? We know how to help you! Wine “Illusion” from Beykush winery is your savior. Light young red, which is made from Tempranillo according to the new technology, allows not to extract extra tannin from the berries, with a little addition of seasoned Saperavi and Temppanillo for greater complexity in taste. Wine contains only 12% alcohol! Cool down the wine to 18С and you won’t even notice how quickly the whole box will end with barbecue!


If youth and independence are your strengths, if the conventions of the wine world are chaining you and the sommelier says, “This is impossible!”, “Don’t do that!” then you need to us! Take a good glass of wine, in front of shocking audience to throw 4-5 ice cubes … and generously pour yourself wine “Illusion”. You won’t believe what an appetizing “cherry juice” it will turn into (which will allow it to be used for the first point – “easy flirt”).

And if you want the audience to pass out, in addition to ice, throw 2-3 pieces of lime in a glass, grated with a spoonful of sugar. And you will have a cocktail “Kaypillusion”

Your health, gentlemen!